Quickfix – restore missing ViewCube and SteeringWheel in 3ds Max 2010

Not actual screenshot, lol

Have you ever installed 3ds Max 2010 and found that there is no view cube on the viewport and you can’t enable it. Don’t try to reinstall it, it won’t work.

The symptoms

The symptoms: when you click the menubar Views -> ViewCube and SteeringWheel, they showing empty submenu and even when you change it from Viewport Configuration, it didn’t work either. The problem is, 3ds max have a problem with your DirectX 10 and couldn’t render the ViewCube and SteeringWheel, so we need to configure it to use DirectX 9.

Well, in case you NEVER use cmd

Run your 3ds Max with option -h, as showed above, or by modifying start menu shortcut, anyway you want. Wait while the application starting up, and this dialog box appear.

Select DirectX 9.0 or push the red button to self-destruct

Obviously you have to select DirectX 9.0 Click OK and after it finished startup, try to enable the ViewCube.

It works, yay

Aaand.. that’s it, quick and easy.


20 thoughts on “Quickfix – restore missing ViewCube and SteeringWheel in 3ds Max 2010

    • Check if you have a file called C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2010\stdplugs\AutoCamMax.gup
      If not, that might be why your viewcube and steering wheels are missing and you may need to reinstall.
      Else, I don’t know any other option to do, I’m sorry I couldn’t do any help 😦

    • if you are in 3ds max 2011 you can just go to CUSTUMIZE->Preference
      On Preference Settings, Select Viewports Tab->Click Choose Driver on bottom->Select DirectX 9.0 then OK…

      After you have followed the instruction above and the viewcube still not displayed follow my next instruction.

      Goto VIEW->ViewCube->Configure…
      On Viewport Configuration: Select ViewCube Tab, then find the Inactive Opacity (select 50%) in the dropdown menu. Then Ok…

      Hope this help…

  1. Thanks both to Cr and to marquee for advice, it was really fast to fix the problem with ur help! 😀

  2. in my 3ds, there is not option to choice ‘DirectX 9 or 10 … just does have!.. any solution? thanks

    • Open a new .max and check whether it has cube viewer, if has, then just import the former one to a new one…

  3. wow, i’ve been googling around for ages for a solution to this… thank you so much, it really helped me 🙂

  4. Hello sir,

    I am Raghu (missing ViewCube and SteeringWheel in 3ds Max 2013) not getting Direct3D version…..

    plzzz help me sir

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