Happy new Gregorian Year 2012!

Its been 13.75 ± 0.13 billion Gregorian years since since the Big Bang and we have encountered another change of year in Gregorian calendar. Without further ado, Happy new year 2012!

’twas Pope Gregory XIII who introduced this calendar system by a decree signed on 24 February 1582 and by today, its used by most of countries on Earth. And I must remind you about this Mayan calendar system that will end in less that a year.

Greasemonkey – How to use of setTimeout as an approach to make click bot

Okay, that kinda sounds like a final year project title lol. So I have an idea to use javascript function setTimeout to make a click bot. Before that though, I must say that this blog post is for educational purpose, I want to show that click bot is easy to make and web programmer should be aware and protect their site from it. Continue reading

Word of the Day: Arachibutyrophobia

Arachibutyrophobia is a fear of experiencing peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Arachibutyrophobia is derived from, uhh, I don’t know, maybe some Greek/Latin chemistry terms? Arachi, is a glutinous oil ingredient is said to be present in butter and nuts. Butyro is a soft, pale yellow, fatty food made by churning cream and used for cooking and for spreading on food, and yes it IS butter.

So you think you have it? Continue reading

A Geekster Guide to The Deep Web

Have you ever dreamed that your 90’s cyberpunk movies goes real? Well, we almost there, meet the Deep Web. The Deep Web (also called Deepnet, the invisible Web, DarkNet, Undernet, or the hidden Web) refers to World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines. The term itself has coined many years ago, about late 90’s and 2000 when internet boom takes place, I just lately found this when searching about #OpDarknet. Continue reading

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s new Single “Marching Band” and Best of album

I just check up Ajikan website today and found this out. I’ll update the album art when it released. Updated the album art cover 🙂

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION announces new single titled “Marching Band” that will be released on November 30th. Its a new single after a year and half, and I’m really excited about this. Continue reading

Experimenting with GetSimple CMS

I found this lately and got kinda addicted with it. GetSimple CMS is a very simple and lightweight CMS, it require no database, simple installation, yet highly customizable. GetSimple CMS use flat file database, means all database entry on the web are stored into XML files. GetSimple CMS is perfect for individual or small companies to advertise their business or just to put anything on the web, but has low budget to do it, because it didn’t need RDBMS means you don’t have to pay more for RDBMS service on webhosting. Continue reading

Greasemonkey Script – Show torrific’s “download as zip” feature

Torrific is a Network Transmission Provider operated by Acceleration Labs, LLC. It provides fast and reliable http Network Transmission Access to the bittorrent protocol, according to their About page. Well in short, its a torrent leech site, at least from what I see lol. It is simple, fast and free! the only thing that disappointing is their download limit, though. This time I’m making a script which modify their “download as zip” feature limitation. Continue reading